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Language Matters

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Over-The-Phone Interpreting

Remote types of interpreting have been  experiencing a dramatic rise over the last decade or so and there are some good reasons for that trend. In[...]

5 Things You Need to Know About Interpreting Services

Interpreting services, sometimes also called interpretation services, are services provided by bilingual professionals - interpreters - in[...]

Is My Translation Correct?

Even though customers pay for professional translations, they still want to feel assured that what they are getting is good quality.

Language Services - How to Find Them and How to Work With Them

Language Services is a broad term that actually describes many different types of services. And, thanks to technological developments, new areas[...]


Caller (about certified document translation): "I have this document already translated, I just need you to certify it.  Can you do it? "

3 Examples of Hidden Document  Translation Cost

When considering professional translation, i.e. translation done by creative, qualified humans, document translation cost is one of the most[...]

About St. Jerome, Translators, and Always Doing Our Best

St. Jerome, born around year 347, was a scholar, a theologian and the first truly accomplished translator we are aware of. He translated the Bible[...]

The Importance of Hand Off in Translation or How To Avoid Ripping Up Concrete

A friend and a mentor of mine owns a construction company. A lot of their work is in pouring concrete. Lots of it. The roadways, bridges and[...]

Coworkers You Have Never Met: 3 Tips on Developing Trust in the Translation Industry

In the translation industry, and I imagine in many others, we often work closely with people we have never really met. Sure, we know their name and[...]

Translation Quality: The One Thing That Matters The Most

What matters the most to you as a translation buyer? That you  get your quote quickly and know we start processing your documents right away? The[...]
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