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Language Matters

Speaking to Your Customers in Their Language Pays Off

Are you considering doing business abroad? Looking to join the thousands of companies who have successfully taken the leap to serve new consumers[...]

Legal Interpreting: What Law Firms Need to Know

Offering legal services to clients who have limited English proficiency is a profitable way to increase business at a law firm. Often,[...]

Do I have to Provide Medical Interpreting to My Patients?

The laws around providing interpretation and translation services to patients in a medical environment can be hard to understand. When the[...]


There are countless reasons why an interpreting service is needed. Medical facilities like hospitals and doctors’ offices are required by federal[...]

Important Tips on Doing Business Abroad

Do you think your company is ready to do business abroad? Are you ready to break into a foreign market that your product or service will thrive[...]

3 Unexpected Benefits of Working With Translators

There are some things we do our clients tell us they did not necessarily expect from translators. Yet, when you think about them, it all makes sense.[...]

Happy Employees make for Happy Customers - and Great Translation Services

Last week, the team here at Teneo won the 2017 Tinypulse Employee Recognition Award in the category of Professional Consulting Services. 

PDF Document Translation

"I only have a PDF document for translation" definitely is a sentence we hear more often than we would like. PDF, which stands for Portable[...]

Buying Translation services: What Files Formats Can Be Translated?

When ordering document translation, our customers often wonder what file formats we can process. The simple answer to that is that translation[...]

Need a Translator or An Interpreter? 5 Typical Scenarios

Translators and interpreters are two different sides of one coin. They both facilitate communication between audiences using different languages.[...]

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