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Language Matters

3 Reasons Why Being ISO Certified Benefits Our Clients

Website Localization for International Expansion: Text Direction & Design

If your company is looking to expand internationally, one of the first major projects to tackle is the translation of the company website. This [...]

International Translation Day: How Language Professionals Affect Our Everyday Lives


3 Business Practices You MUST Follow When Doing Business in Canada

Expanding your business to Canada is a smart move. Many American companies look to Canada first when expanding their business abroad, and it is[...]

Have Questions Before Buying Translation? Ask these Instead!

One Easy Way to Increase Revenue for Texas Entrepreneurs

What is the one thing that EVERY business owner wants? More revenue! If you are a business owner in Texas, there is one sure-fire way to increase[...]

3 Business Practices You MUST Follow When Doing Business in Mexico

Expanding your business internationally is a risky and exciting venture that can potentially maximize your profits and increase your return on[...]

5 Major Areas of HR Where Translation is Vitally Important


3 Reasons YOU Should Do Business in Mexico

Are you doing business in Mexico, yet? With a population of over 120 million and more free trade agreements than ANY other country in the world,[...]

Customized Translation Services in Action | TLC Translation

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