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Language Matters

One Easy Way to Recruit More International Students to Your Institution

Hundreds of thousands of international students flock to U.S. universities & colleges every year to seek an impactful education which will[...]

Why Using Language Services for Translating School Websites Is Imperative for Meaningful Connections


Teneo Linguistics Company Provides Over 5,000 Meals to Those in Need

Understanding How Translation Memory Benefits Your Bottom Line


4 Elements of a Successful Localization Strategy

Strategic localization is the key to success for companies expanding their business internationally, and it is far from easy. Mastering the[...]

3 Myths About Expanding Your Business Internationally

Expanding your business internationally is an exciting venture that takes time, research, and strategic implementation. Unfortunately, many[...]

Signing the USMCA: Will They, or Won’t They?

Tomorrow is a big day for the United States, Canada, Mexico, and thousands of business owners who rely on NAFTA to remain profitable. We are just[...]

3 Ways TLC Practices Our Core Value: Gratitude


Professional Translation Protects Your Brand Message Across Languages


Language Services and Your Up-coming Budget


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