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Language Matters

Not Created Equal: Argentine Spanish & Translation

With a population of over 43 million citizens, Argentina´s Spanish is multicultural and influenced by indigenous languages. Organizations may not[...]

How to Approach Your Website Translation Project

Businesses, medical facilities, educational institutions, and other entities seek website translation & localization for a variety of different[...]

Not All Spanish Created Equal

TLC Gets Wild at the Zoo


Team TLC Runs for Conservation

On a brisk Saturday morning, the Teneo Linguistics Company team gathered at the starting line for the Fort[...]

3 Ways You Know Your Translation Service Rocks!

How is your partnership with your language service provider going? Are you satisfied with how they conduct translation & interpreting projects?[...]

How to Effectively Navigate Cultural Differences in International Business

Pitfalls of Utilizing Your Bilingual Coworker

You are a successful business owner or partner, and you decide it is time to start doing business abroad. Or maybe, you are a physician with your[...]

Benefits of Hiring a HUB Certified Business

Have you heard of HUB certified companies? Many universities, state agencies, and corporations have a percentage of work they must contract out to[...]

What you need to know about Canada’s 2 Official Languages

Canada is one of the first countries that U.S. companies look to expand to when they explore doing business abroad. In 1994, NAFTA got rid of most[...]

3 Reasons Why You Need a Certificate of Accurate Translation

When you need important documents translated, you are faced with a long list of translation service companies that offer different levels of[...]

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