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Language Matters

6 Phrases to Stop Using at Work - and in Translation

Every time we open our mouth - or pick up a pen - in business, we have the opportunity to convey a unique message. One that will help us build[...]

Website translation - What to Consider Before You Start

When taking a business global, or just making it accessible to wider audiences, website translation is an important step to consider. First, it is[...]

5 Ways We use ISO Certification For Improving Document Translation

At TLC, we have been certifying to the ISO standard for several years now. Living with continuous quality improvement has become a way of life.[...]

Fast Translation: 3 Essential Steps When Speed Matters

Fast translation, also referred to as "rush translation" is sought after for many reasons and we are used to it. Even so, questions like “How fast[...]


How to be sure you received a product that passes the translation accuracy check?

Tips on Buying Legal Translation

What is Legal Translation?

Translation Services - 5 Hacks for Businesses

There is no question about translation services playing a significant role in helping businesses grow their footprint in the world. More and more[...]

5 Hacks for Smooth Translation Sailing

Are you new to using translators? Or have you been using document translation servcies for some time now? Regardless of what your situation is,[...]

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Over-The-Phone Interpreting

Remote types of interpreting have been  experiencing a dramatic rise over the last decade or so and there are some good reasons for that trend. In[...]

5 Things You Need to Know About Interpreting Services

Interpreting services, sometimes also called interpretation services, are services provided by bilingual professionals - interpreters - in[...]
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